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After the death of her six-week-old son, Liam, Kathleen
Willis Morton embarks on a courageous search for solace
and understanding. The Blue Poppy and the Mustard Seed
invites readers to share in her voyage as she travels the
world and the landscapes of her own experience. Interweaving
what she witnesses—simple rituals like children’s baths and
picnics, and rites of passage like birth and death—with her
own recovery and growth, she discovers that the pain she has
experienced is both unavoidable and necessary, a pivotal part
of the process of healing that can lead to “a victorious kind
of joy, of acceptance.” In discovering herself, Morton’s story
speaks to readers suffering similar tragedies, and indeed to all
of us,in an intimate and inspiring story about enduring world-
shattering pain and coming out whole.

The Blue Poppy and the Mustard Seed helps us confront the
universal thruths of love and loss that we all will eventually and
inevitably encounter. This book will be a comfort to anyone who
has faced a t ragic loss, but not only that, it takes us all on a rich
journey, through joy, suffering, and ultimately to hope, in a way
that is quietly beautiful and, above all, utterly life-affirming.


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